First of all: A huge thank you to all of you who participated in CROWDFONT’s first phase. I was utterly impressed by the number of voters, which definitely exceeded my expectations. More than 40,000 single votes have been counted. This means the project got a great base to build on.

In the next few weeks and months I will keep you updated about the design process of the first truly democratic typeface, the naming process, some theoretical principles of type design and thoughts on the democratization of design in general. There will be beta versions of the font you can download and try. It’s going to be my first self-made font, so I’m happy about any feedback I might receive from you.

As the voting process was pretty interesting in terms of numbers, but also how the choices I made beforehand regarding the font parameters and their levels affected your votes, I will first analyze the three rounds in detail. There were some rather unexpected decisions you made so I thought about what have might led to these results. In the end, it should give you a clearer overview about what the final font might look like or at least which parameters are most relevant for my work.

The final presentation as part of my diploma thesis will be held in January next year, so the font (pretty optimistically said) will be finished in December. Due to an open-source thought I’m following in this project, the font can be downloaded for free – in the best case via Google Fonts, as I will hand in the CROWDFONT there for worldwide release.

Now I’m really looking forward to the next adventurous months full of work and I hope you join my trip.
Let’s democratize type design.

PS: Don’t forget to like CROWDFONT on Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter here – nearly 1,000 of type aficionados already did. Hugs.