This week I started with some rough drafts, experimenting with various widths and stroke weights. When designing a monospaced typeface, the lowercase m and i are two tricky points as the first is normally one of the widest characters and the second the narrowest one. But – together with the white space around them – they have to be the same width. That’s the reason, why in most monospaced typefaces the lowercase m looks somehow squeezed and the lowercase i results in gaps. As I want to avoid that, I tried out different shapes and x-heights.





I’d also like to get around a too technical style or something that reminds of old typewriters. Thanks to the slant – which isn’t defined yet – I think this isn’t much of a problem. The angle might be something between 5 and 15 degrees – not that much, but clearly recognizable, as it’s a unique attribute of the CROWDFONT. The only leftslanted monospaced font Google is able to find is a – not well executed – backslanted version of Courier New.





I used several grids to come up with different proportions. What might be the most important thing is to create an appealing ‘rhythm’. This depends on the fixed character width, the spacing and the stroke weight. I didn’t give you the possibility to make a choice regarding the stroke weight (Light, Regular, Bold, …), as the plan is to set up a Regular weight to later interpolate the font.





The next steps will be: Making more drafts considering all decisions made and going into detail with some favorites before going on to the computer.