Christmas is already ahead and the single characters are slowly taking shape. At the moment the lowercase character set is almost finished, though it’s more about the letter shape and proportion than about a perfect optically corrected character. In the beginning I wanted to finish the font in December, but as usual everything takes a lot more time and a bunch of new side projects claimed my attention lately. Ready for the update?

Some things turned out to be pretty hard to realize, like the ball terminals – so I’m still not very happy with those, especially in small sizes (see lowercase ‘r’ below). Sooner or later I have to come to a compromise on implementing both ball terminals but no stroke contrast, which somehow results in a typewrite-ish feeling. Another stylistic feature the font will definitely have is a cut-off look (see lowercase ‘t’ below). Due to the fixed width some characters (also lowercase ‘w’, ‘z’ and a bunch of uppercase characters later) will look like they’re cut off on the sides. It results in a rather extraordinary look of various characters, so I’m not fully sure about keeping those elements – let’s see how well this turns out with a full character set in the end.




What took far more time than expected, was setting up curves with the right amount of ‘superness’. So basically, bézier curves are used to model smooth curves. Using a slant of 10 degrees it was unusually difficult to set up those paths while keeping the handles in the right angle and parallel. Check the second and third image below. Later those parallel (and horizontally aligned) handles are helpful to get a correct interpolation for additional weights and save a lot of time by reducing manual corrections.




PS: While the font constantly evolves, some press features kept my motivation high. Check the Facebook page here and here for almost full articles.