The first round earned – thanks to a bit of a buzz – the most votes and asked you for your opinion about the font’s basic parameters. Let’s check’em.


crowdfont_runde01_This wasn’t that much of a surprise, as – especially users who aren’t that familiar with typography – serif typefaces are often associated with some old-fashioned book stuff. That’s obviously not true and though there’s been some trouble bringing serif typefaces to the screen a few years ago, nowadays we’re fully aware of the possibilities serif typefaces offer. Nevertheless the CROWDFONT will be a sans-serif, a grotesque. And that’s fine, if we move a bit forward concerning the monospaced choice in the second round.



crowdfont_runde01_2One of the most tight decisions was the one regarding stroke contrast – and there won’t be any. Which, in fact, doesn’t mean, that every single line is uniform in thickness, as there going to be some optical corrections, so the lines look the same at least.



crowdfont_runde01_3There aren’t standardized widths for defining, what’s condensed, regular or extended. But as we already know, that it’s going to be a monospaced typeface, I will design it as a 10-pitch typeface (which is pretty much ‘regular’). Check Thoughts on Round 02 for more information about that.





crowdfont_runde01_6And then we got three decisions, which are similar. Because the crowd continuously voted for ‘medium’ – the x-height as well as ascenders and descenders. I don’t know, if the golden mean is always the best, but with the wisdom of hindsight I might should have given other possibilities to choose from – or at least cancel the medium ones and just offer ‘low’ or ‘high’ for choice. Now it is how it is and there’s still a certain range to draw a distinction.