The CROWDFONT will be released in three different weights. Of course the version I started working on, but also a light and bold one – or thin and black, you name it. So technically the regular version’s stems are about 75 units thick, whereas in the light one they’re 25 and in the bold one 125. Actually I prefer to name them thin and black, because they’re both pretty extreme – they couldn’t be much thinner or thicker actually. But as there won’t be interpolations in between I guess it’s okay to call them just light and bold.


blog_weights2What is interesting here is that I use the characters’ width of the regular font also for the new weights. So each character will be the exact same – no matter if light, regular or bold. This will make it extremely easy to mix and match different weights, also in longer body text – thinking of accentuations in bold for example. The characters will always stay within the slanted grid regardless which weight you want them to be.


To achieve this, I needed to implement some special details. Characters like “X”, “Y” or “Z” – actually all characters where two lines meet in an extremely sharp or wide angle – will have two points there to assure the lines’ angles stay the same in every weight variation. This furthermore leads to a more technical look of the light which I somehow like a lot. This could make the font ready to work in far more occasions.