Nowadays, as a crowd, we can do so many great things using the internet: share our houses, raise funds for start-ups, start shitstorms and even do politics. These things are mostly about quantity. But now, imagine the crowd managing a qualitative design process. A font – designed by the crowd.

On everyone – designer or not – can vote on the font’s different parameters. From these decision taken in three rounds with six properties each a new font emerges. Easy to read or extremely fancy, the crowd alone decides.

As his diploma project, the new font will be then created by Maximilian Mauracher, graduating at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. By Mid 2017 the typeface will be available to everyone for free.

Let’s see what happens when the internet decides in an uncommented design process. Hello Crowdfont – the first truly democratic typeface!

So far featured on:

Brutalist Websites
– Design Tagebuch
typografische gesellschaft austria
26plus zeichen
Design made in Austria
Page Online


In case of any questions, send an email to mail(at) I’m happy to help!


Thanks to 101 for their ongoing support.


You can find some press material for online and offline usage here:

Infosheet (pdf)

Logo (pdf)

Portrait Maximilian Mauracher (jpg)

Portrait Photography © Christina Hrdlicka